All books are shown on this website was uploaded by public !!!
All books are shown on this website was uploaded by public !!!

Subject: Mathmatics

( Marks Distribution )

Ten subjects are included in the BCS preliminary test. Mathmatics is the important part of those subjects. You have to answer 15 Bangladesh Affairs questions out of total 200 questions.

For long and healthy preparation you must follow - Math Text Books from six to ten.
For short and Quick preparation you may follow - Oracle, MP3 BCS Preliminary Mathmatics.

Marks -3 :
Real Number, H.C. F and L.C.M, Percentage, Simple and Complex Profit, Ratio and Proportion, Profit and Loss.

Marks -3 :
Algebraic Formulas, Factorizations of Polynomials, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Linear and Quadratic Inequalites, Simple Equations.

Marks -3 :
Exponents and Logarithms, Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence and Series.

Marks -3 :
Line, Angle, Triangle and Quadrilateral related Theorems, Theorems of Pythagoras, Circle Theorems, Mensuration Plane figures and Solids.

Marks -3 :
Set, Permutations and Combinations, Statistics and Probability

All Math PDF e-Books Download

All equations -01Download 01

Arithmetic shortcut -02Download 02

Arithmetic short technic -03Download 03

bank math -04Download 04

Basic ( Baug ) -05Download 05

Basic ( Vrittah Uppaddah) -06Download 06

Basic (Bij Gonit) -07Download 07

Basic (Brittah) -08Download 08

Basic (Chokrobriddi Munafa ) -09Download 09

Basic (Gun) -10Download 10

Basic (Janasongkha) -11Download 11

Basic (Jemiti) -12Download 12

Basic (Khethrahfol) -13Download 13

Basic (Lekhacitrah) -14Download 14

Basic (MCQ) -15Download 15

Basic (Porimap) -16Download 16

Basic (Series) -17Download 17

Basic (time) -18Download 18

Basic (Upattah Binnastakoron) -19Download 19

Basic (Utpadokae Bislason) -20Download 20