All books are shown on this website was uploaded by public !!!
All books are shown on this website was uploaded by public !!!

Subject: Computer and Information Technology

( Marks Distribution )

Ten subjects are included in the BCS preliminary test. Computer and Information Technology is a important part of those subjects. You have to answer 15 Computer and Information Technology questions out of total 200 questions.

For long and healthy preparation you must follow - Topic wise text books.
For short and Quick preparation you may follow - MP3 Computer.
Both of students must aquire computer knowledges from internet.

Computer : Marks -10

≫Computer Peripherals : Keyboard, Mouse, OCR

≫ Computer Architecture : CPU, Hard Disk, ALU

≫ Computer in Practical Fields : Agriculture, Communications, Educations, Health, Sports, etc.

≫ Number System of Computer; Operating Systems; Embedded Computer; History of Computer; Types of Computer; Computer Performance;

≫ Computer Program : Virus, Firewall

Information Technology : Marks -5

≫ Cellular Data Network : 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-max;

≫ Computer Network : LAN, MAN, Wi-Fi, etc.

≫ Information Technologies in practical Fields; E-Commerce; Smart Phone; World Wide Web –WWW

≫ Daily –Use Computing Technology : Internet; E-mail, Fax

≫ Client-Server Management; Mobile Features;

≫ Tech-Giants Services and News : Google, Microsoft, IBM etc.

≫ Social Networking : Facebook, Twiter, Instagram

≫ Robotics; Cloud Computing; Cyber Crime


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