All books are shown on this website was uploaded by public !!!
All books are shown on this website was uploaded by public !!!

Subject: Bangladesh Affairs

( Marks Distribution )

Ten subjects are included in the BCS preliminary test. Bangladesh Affairs is one of important part of those subjects. You have to answer 30 Bangladesh Affairs questions out of total 200 questions.

For long and healthy preparation you must follow - Oracle BCS preliminary Bangladesh.
For short and Quick preparation you may follow - MP3 BCS Preliminary Bangladesh.
Both of students must follow Oracle's Ganpattra and Professor's Current Affairs.

Marks - 6

(1) National Affairs of Bangladesh : History of contemporary periods from ancient times; Civilization and culture; History of Bangladesh's War of Liberation: language movement; 1954 election; Six-point movement, 1966; Mass upsurge 1968-69; 1970 general elections; Non-cooperation movement 1971; Historical speech of March 7; Declaration of independence; The constitution and activities of the Mujibnagar government; War of Liberation Role of the big powers in liberation war; Surrender of Pak army and emergence of Bangladesh

Marks - 3

(2) Agricultural resources of Bangladeshi: Crop production and its diversification, food production and management.

Marks - 3

(3) Issues related to population, census, race, community and tribal in Bangladesh.

Marks - 3

(4) Economy of Bangladesh: Perspective of development planning and five-year anniversary, national income-expenditure, fiscal policy and annual development program, poverty reduction etc.

Marks - 3

(5) Industry and commerce of Bangladesh: Import and export of industrial production, commodities and garment industries, its overall management, foreign lanes, payment of money, banks and insurance management etc.

Marks - 3

(6) Constitution of Bangladesh: Principles of Proposals and Characteristics, State Governments with Fundamental Rights, Amendments to the Constitution.

Marks - 3

(7) ) The political system of Bangladesh: the formation, role and activities of political parties, the correlation of ruling and opposition parties, civil society and pressure groups and their role.

Marks - 3

(8) Government of Bangladesh: Law, Governance and Judiciary, Law, Politics, National and local level administrative management structures, Administrative reorganization and reform.

Marks - 3

(9) ) National achievement of Bangladesh, eminent personalities, important institutions and establishments, national award, movies and sports related to Bangladesh, media-related issues.

Bangladesh Affairs

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